INA Bearing

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Brand Model Size
INA 29440-E1 200x400x122
INA 29444-E1 220x420x122
INA 29448-E1 240x440x122
INA 29452-E1 260x480x132
INA 29456-E1 280x520x145
INA 29460-E1 300x540x145
INA 29464-E1 320x580x155
INA 29468-E1 340x620x170
INA 29472-E1-MB 360x640x170
INA 29476-E1-MB 380x670x175
INA 29480-E1-MB 400x710x185
INA 29484-E1-MB 420x730x185
INA 29488-E1-MB 440x780x206
INA 29492-E1-MB 460x800x206
INA 29496-E1-MB 480x850x224
INA 3906 30x60x19
INA 3907 35x68x23
INA 3909 45x85x28
INA 3910 50x92x31
INA 3911 55x100x33
INA 3912 60x106x35
INA 3913 65x112x36
INA 3915 75x128x41
INA 3916 80x136x44
INA 4100 10x25x14
INA 4100-AW 10x35x15
INA 4102 15x35x15
INA 4102-AW 15x38x17
INA 4104 20x40x16
INA 4104-AW 20x45x18
INA 4105 25x48x17
INA 4105-AW 25x50x19
INA 4106 30x53x18
INA 4106-AW 30x59x20
INA 4107 35x62x21
INA 4107-AW 35x67x23
INA 4108 40x64x21
INA 4108-AW 40x69x23
INA 4109 45x73x25
INA 4109-AW 45x78x27
INA 4110 50x78x25
INA 4110-AW 50x83x27
INA 4111 55x88x28
INA 4111-AW 55x94x30
INA 4112 60x90x28
INA 4112-AW 60x96x30
INA 4113 65x100x32
INA 4113-AW 65x105x34
INA 4114 70x103x32
INA 4114-AW 70x109x34
INA 4115 75x110x32
INA 4115-AW 75x114x34
INA 4116 80x115x35
INA 4116-AW 80x124x37
INA 4117 85x125x38
INA 4117-AW 85x138x40
INA 4118 90x135x38
INA 4118-AW 90x141x40
INA 4119 95x140x41
INA 4119-AW 95x151x44
INA 4120 100x150x41
INA 4120-AW 100x156x44
INA 4121 105x155x46
INA 4121-AW 105x163x49
INA 4122-AW 110x170x49
INA 4123 115x165x49
INA 4123-AW 115x173x52
INA 4124 120x170x49
INA 4124-AW 120x180x52
INA 4125 125x175x53
INA 4125-AW 125x186x56
INA 4126 130x180x53
INA 4126-AW 130x190x56
INA 4128 140x200x60
INA 4128-AW 140x212x62
INA 4130 150x220x60
INA 4130-AW 150x220x65
INA 4132 160x235x65
INA 4132-AW 160x235x70
INA 4134 170x250x70
INA 4134-AW 170x250x75
INA 4136 180x260x70
INA 4136-AW 180x260x75
INA 4138 190x275x80
INA 4138-AW 190x275x86
INA 4140 200x290x80
INA 4140-AW 200x290x86
INA 4401 12.7x36.513x15.875
INA 4402 14.288x36.53x15.875
INA 4403 15.875x39.7x15.875
INA 4404 17.463x39.7x15.875
INA 4405 19.05x42.88x16
INA 4406 20.638x42.88x15.875
INA 4407 22.225x49.23x19.05
INA 4408 23.813x49.23x19.05
INA 4409 25.4x52.4x19.05
INA 4410 26.988x52.4x19.05
INA 4411 28.575x55.58x19.05
INA 4412 30.163x55.58x19.05
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